How to copy all file names in a folder to notepad?

Do you want to copy all file names in a specific folder and save it as a text file? If so, you don’t need any special tools, all you need is Windows and a command prompt. In this short Video, I show you How to copy all file names in a folder to notepad?

Copying the file names in a folder is relatively easy. It can always be handy to know how to do this, you never know when you will need this. For example if you want to upload multiple files to a website, but you are too lazy to copy the file names of all E-books individually, then you will need to know this.

let’s get started:

  1. Open the Windows Explorer (Windows key + E)
  2. Browse to your folder with all the files, e.g. C:\Users[username]\E-books
  3. Click on the address bar, select it and copy the entire address via CTRL + C
  4. Open up a command prompt (Windows key + R)
  5. Enter cd, then Right Click > Paste to insert the address that we copied into our clipboard in step 3.
  6. Hit enter
  7. Enter DIR /B /O:N > filenames.txt (filenames.txt is the name of the txt file)
  8. Now open the folder where your files are stored and open the text file filenames.txt
  9. Congrats, you have just copied all file names from a folder and stored them into a text file.


Should you want to copy files names not only from a folder, but from sub-folders as well, you simply add a /S for sub directories to the command: DIR /B /O:N /S > filename.txt

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