Chart.js - Simple, clean and engaging charts for designers and developers

Tuesday, 31 March 2015
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HTML5 is the future of layout rendering and Chart.js is here to usher data charts into that future. Chart.js is perhaps the classic open source library for generating any type of data chart, graph, or visualization element.

Everything is rendered using HTML5 with the added benefit of a canvas element for dynamic effects. Graphs rendered onto an HTML5 canvas allow for hover tooltips and click events to access more information about charted data. The various options range from pie charts, bar charts, radar charts, line charts and some other more advanced styles.

Chart.js - Simple, clean and engaging charts for designers and developers

Chart.js is unequivocally a powerful library. It’s fully responsive and supports all modern browsers in rendering that juicy data we all love so much. It’s completely free & open source on GitHub where you can find documentation and live examples.

Simply put: if you need a crazy powerful chart library, this is your guy for the job.


If you’re new to Chart.js, Tuts+ have a getting started guide that will show you how to build a mobile-friendly dynamic dashboard.

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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

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