40 Javascript Video Tutorials For Beginners

Monday, 06 January 2014
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We heard that Javascript has become one of your favourite programming languages. This interpreted computer programming language is being universally adopted by communities of all kinds: mobile apps, Web, Windows 8, and even server-side development. So if you are planning to begin the journey with Javascript, or already inching towards it, these video tutorials can be of great help. Have a dekko:



 1. Introduction to JavaScript
 2. Comments and Statements
 3. Variables
 4. Different Types of Variables
 5. Using Variables with Strings
 6. Functions
 7. Using Parameters with Functions
 8. Functions with Multiple Parameters
 9. The return Statement
 10. Calling a Function From Another Function
 11. Global & Local Variables
 12. Math Operators
 13. Assignment Operators
 14. if Statement
 15. if/else Statement
 16. Nesting and Fridays!
 17. Complex Conditions
 18. switch
 19. for Loop
 20. while Loop
 21. do while
 22. Event Handlers
 23. onMouseOver & onLoad
 24. Objects
 25. Creating Our Own Objects
 26. Object Initializers
 27. Adding Methods to Our Objects
 28. Arrays
 29. Other Ways to Create Arrays
 30. Array Properties and Methods
 31. join and pop
 32. reverse, push, sort
 33. Add Array Elements Using a Loop
 34. Cool Technique to Print Array Elements
 35. Associative Arrays
 36. Math Objects
 37. Date Objects
 38. Accessing Forms
 39. Accessing Form Elements
 40. Simple Form Validation


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