How to change the Virtual Memory in Windows 8

Tuesday, 01 October 2013
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Since that day when the First computer was invented, the use of larger secondary memory or RAM ( Random access memory) is increasing day by day. What if, you have only 2GB of RAM in installed in your computer and want to run larger applications which takes more than of 2GB of RAM. What will computer do to run that program or set of programs? That’s where Virtual memory comes to rescue. By using Virtual memory computer can be able to run applications which need more system memory than the installed one. Virtual memory is enabled by default in windows.However, we can also increase it according to our need in almost all windows OS versions but in this particular post i’m going to describe only the method for How to increase virtual memory in windows 8. The method for to increase virtual memory in windows 8 is so easy. So without further a do , lets get into it.

Following are the given steps for to increase virtual memory in windows 8

1. First right click on  My computer  icon then click on Properties.

2. Now click on Advance system settings which you can easily see on the left side of your computer screen as shown.

3. Now a dialog will appears,click on Advance Tab then give a click on settings under Performance category as shown.

4. Again click on Advance tab from the newly opened dialog box then Click on Change.

5. Right after above step, you have to click on Custom Size option button from the newly opened dialog box and specify the minimum and maximum amount of virtual RAM. Put the values according to your need or as you want.

Note: Keep in mind that, its better to have larger RAM because excessive use of virtual memory will slow down your computer. In other words, virtual memory can’t replace the real memory (RAM) which is much  faster than virtual ram. Virtual memory is just there to help out when computer run out of space in RAM (Random access memory).

6. Restart you Computer to make changes take effect.


Video by Ibrahim Jabbari

That’s all about how to increase virtual memory in windows 8.


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