infoBox is a tooltip style jQuery plugin to create information signs on your webpages which will show information boxes on mouseover. The created information boxes will resemble the conversation/message boxes. These boxes will be aligned perfectly without moving out of the page unless you specify a larger width for the box.

Smart Wizard is a flexible and heavily customizable jQuery step wizard plugin with Bootstrap support. It is easy to implement and gives a neat and stylish interface for your forms, checkout screen, registration steps etc.

STIMED.js is a jQuery plugin for controlling CSS styles over time. There are almost endless possibilities for using timed CSS properties. You could change webpage colors to make them more calm at night and more contrast during daytime, or hide a specific element in a certain time, or just move an element in sync with time…

Smart Tab is a jQuery plugin for tabbed interface. It is flexible and very easy to implement. It has a lot of features that you will love and it is completely open source. It can load ajax contents, have a verity of themes, cool animation effects, event supports, easy to customize.

jQuery-gantt is a lightweight jQuery plugin for creating a gantt chart.


  • Localizationable
  • Easy configuration

jQuery-steps is a lightweight yet customizable jQuery plugin that converts any grouped elements into a step-by-step wizard with navigation buttons and callback functions. 

It is easy to integrate other plugins e.g. jQuery validation plugin to create a wizard driven form with field validation.

Parallax-background.js is a background scrolling effect which is designed for you to create beautiful and smooth parallax websites. Enjoy, it’s so simple!

The jQuery.ganttView plugin is a very lightweight plugin for creating a Gantt chart in plain HTML.

No vector graphics or images required. The plugin supports dragging and resizing the Gantt blocks and callbacks to trap the updated data.

Wobble window is a lightweight jQuery plugin that applies a wobble effect to your HTML elements backgrounds.

This is a unique and one-of-a-kind jQuery plugin that allows you to display infographics on your web resource. Its main feature is a large variety of figures to be precise then six.