A button made in CSS that activates a simple menu on click. It can be used as a menu in a mobile app or a website, it’s lightweight and easy to implement.

Inspiration for Search UI Effects

Thursday, 09 February 2017

A couple of schematic, inspirational proof-of-concepts for how to show the search interface on a website using CSS animations.

Today we’d like to share a couple of ideas for search interaction effects with you. Mainly, we’d like to provide you with some inspiration for how to show the search interface in an interesting way...

Kontext is a context-shift transition inspired by iOS. It’s created using JavaScript, CSS 3D transforms and CSS Animations.

A couple of modern and subtle tab styles and effects for your inspiration. We use pseudo-elements, SVGs and CSS transitions for some of the techniques.

Niice is a visual search engine built to inspire.

Powered by BehanceDribbble and Designspiration, Niice displays searchable content from these and other inspirational sources.

Hi dear visitors here i want to write about UICloud. When creating new designs for clients, inspiration can be a stumbling block at times for both designers and developers. With the client’s requirements and instructions in mind, anyone involved in website design can feel limited in the scope… Enjoy it and leave comment  ;)