A tutorial about building a responsive vertical timeline from scratch. Basic structure created with minimal markup and the power of CSS pseudo-elements. Transitional effects on scrolling down the page are created by using JavaScript.

A cool sliding transition made in CSS and JavaScript that activates when you click or scroll. The slider has a really nice effect, moving the image to the back, and highlighting the text. The effect can be easily integrated into any website.

A tutorial about creating seamless animation between weather states, and some of animations break outside the container by using css and javascript.

In this tutorial you will find out how to create a sticky navigation bar that remains fixed to the top after scroll by using CSS and jQuery.

AOS – Animate On Scroll

Friday, 13 January 2017

CSS driven, highly customizable JavaScript library for doing animation on scroll effects. The library is very tiny, easy to use (install via CDN), and most importantly performs well, which can be an issue with other animate on scroll libraries.

Modern CSS framework that provides tons of features, while managing to stay lightweight thanks to it’s modular architecture. The core of Consise has only basic styles for the native HTML elements, while various utilities and components can be included in the form of add-ons.

A simple CSS and JS template that makes text and images appear while you scroll down. The code can be used in websites to tell stories in a more compelling and entertaining way.

Today we’d like to share a little effect with you that you might have already stumbled upon on the Web. It’s a kind of a mirror effect as seen on sites like Corentin Fardeau and Method.

A CSS framework that strives to stay as slim as possible and provide the most minimal setup while still making your project pretty. Unlike other UI frameworks such as Bootstrap, Milligram doesn’t offer any components, only basic HTML styles, typography, and a layout grid. Just 2kb in size when gzipped.

A CSS and JavaScript snippet that shows an image transition with exploding particles that looks like a 3D effect. It can be used in a website or a mobile app, is lightweight and does not affect the page load.