Immersive Video Template With jQuery

Thursday, 22 December 2016
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A full-screen video presentation, that is resized and animated to become the content of a mobile device.

Lately, we’ve come across a couple of websites using full-screen videos as a way to “dramatically” introduce a product or a feature of an app. We tried to create something similar, in the form of a simple application template.

With the help of some CSS tricks (mostly CSS transforms and animations), we’ve created a video introduction that turns into content for a mobile device. Some of the tricky parts were about picking the right assets (we’ve created this video that introduces some features of a photo editing app) and handling the loading animation. We’re aware that showing a loader right away is not a great experience. Therefore, before using this template you should consider 1) whether the video would be a great selling point or not, and 2) whether you expect many returning visitors, or the goal is just to let the user download the app and (almost) never come back. If the answers to these questions are 1) YES and 2) No, then this template will come in handy for you ;)



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Thursday, 22 December 2016

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