List of jQuery Keyboard Event Plugins For Your Websites

Sunday, 16 March 2014
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Today i have a collection of 12 jQuery Keyboard Event Plugins that you would definitely love integrating in your webpage! Keyboard Event’s can add further usability to websites that have high interactivity with the user or need input via the keyboard as key combinations that trigger events on the page. They could also be useful to provide quick shortcuts or for keypad entry, the list goes on. Enjoy it!


1. jwerty

This is a JavaScript library that can be used for asserting key combination strings against events and elements on a web page.

2. jQuery Hotkeys

This jQuery plugin allows you to watch for keyboard events at any point in your code. It supports almost all key combinations.

3. Keyboard

This is a virtual keyboard that uses the jQuery user interface.

4. Keyboard Smashed

This is a jQuery plugin that detects the number of keys that are depressed on the user's keyboard in order to determine whether their keyboard is smashed.

5. Piano

This is a piano keyboard plugin for jQuery.

6. okShortcut

There are two methods in jQuery (jQuery.shortcut.add and jQuery.shortcut.remove) that can be used in order to add or remove key bindings.

7. jQuery Keypad

This is a jQuery plugin that brings a popup keyboard that can be operated using the mouse.

8. Ctrl + Key Combination

This is a very simple jQuery keyboard keyboard event plugin.

9. Adding Keyboard Navigation

This is a tutorial on adding keyboard navigation using jQuery.

10. Keyboard Accessibility Plugin API

This API makes it quite simple for developers to add keyboard plugins to their codes.

11. jQuery key.js Plugin

This is a simulated web mail application that comes with various keyboard shortcuts.

12. jQuery KeyPress Plugin

This is an input capture JavaScript library that is easy to use and has a reasonable footprint.



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