10 Useful Videos & Talks for Mastering CSS

Saturday, 19 October 2013
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So you knew how to style a website with CSS, and you probably have built some “cool” stuff out of it, which make your friends impressed and your parent proud of you.

Yes, CSS is built for that purpose, but there is so much about CSS more than just styling a website. The more we learn CSS, the more we realize that there were so many things we haven’t known yet about it. And I believe that if we want to be good at something, including mastering CSS, we have to learn from the expert.

So, in this post, I have put together some talks and videos that are presented by the expert covering about CSS in-depth. Enjoy.


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CSS3 Secrets by Lea Verou

Lea Verou is known as CSS goddess because of her brilliant works. In this talk that was held by Frontier, she shared ten secrets presenting things you can do with cutting-edge CSS3 features.


More CSS Secrets

Ten more CSS secrets revealed by Lea Verou for which you might don’t know yet on the things you can do with CSS.


CSS Workflows

CSS is more than just styling as said. In my experience, especially when you work in a team, having a solid workflow will make your work more manageable and efficient, which in return your also increase productivity.

In this video, Jina Bolton shared some smart tips and advice how to manage the workflow when dealing with CSS.


Handcrafted CSS

Dan Cederholm is the co-founder of Dribbble, a popular sharing website for designers. In this talks Dan shared how craftmanship can be adopted for building a website with great interface and user experience.


CSS Performance

The styles can be so complicated to manage when build a large website. This talk is presented by Jon Rohan, a Github staff.  He shared his experience in increasing CSS performance in Github.


Your CSS is a Mess

Maintaining CSS seems like a daunting task, particularly when you have thousands of lines in a very complex website structure. Jonathan Snook in this talk shared some tips to deal with this problem.


Practical, Maintainable CSS

This video presented by Natalie Downe. She shared some practical tips in order to make your styles easily maintainable.


CSS Frameworks: Make the Right Choice

There are a lot of CSS Frameworks out there such Skeleton, Blueprint, 960.gs, you name it. Some are good, and some other are not that good. And this video by Kevin Yank of SitePoint discussed how to choose the right framework for your project.


Architecting Scalable CSS

In this talk, Harry Roberts of CSS Wizardry shared some best practices on naming tips and structuring CSS in order to make it scalable for big and growing project.


CSS in the 4th Dimension: Not your daddy’s CSS animations

Sometimes using small bit of CSS to run a simple animation is preferable. And in this talk Lea Verou shared some capabilities of CSS3 Animations.



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