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Sunday, 22 September 2013
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Since the advent of cyber world and its featured creations online, HTML is the main most widely used markup language, amongst the pioneering ones of its kind in creating webpages and other displayable content on web. The latest expansion of HTML5 however, is marking a history of its own with it’s most exciting features and profound results.

HTML5 has completely over run and revolutionized the web designing arena over the past 2 years with exceptional capabilities of generating more functionally and visually sound websites. HTML5 is more creative than ever before with features handy and manageable allowing designers with possibilities which were once a part of just their imaginations. Not only it has altered the web development business, it has also altered the way development was once carried out with even HTML itself. It is user-friendly, simple to operate and at quicker pace and excellent results. HTML5 tools are of great variety with great working capabilities expanding your work style up to no limits while speeding your work flow to maximum. Thus, i can say, quality and quantity well managed!

Designers are always on a search for such HTML5 tools that can benefit their development pace and quality. We are including in today’s article, for their delight, the best HTML5 development tools.


List of HTML5 Development Tools:


Spritebox is a WYSIWYG tool to help web designers quickly and easily create CSS classes and IDs from a single sprite image. It is based on the principle of using the background-position property to align areas of a sprite image into block elements of a web page. It was made using a combination of JQuery, CSS3 and HTML5, and is totally free to use.


LimeJS is a HTML5 game framework for building fast, native-experience games for all modern touchscreens and desktop browsers.


Patternizer is an easy to use stripe pattern generator. It’s lots of fun and free.


Video.js is a free tool that lets web designers and developers add their own videos to the website. Simply put, it is a video player with a sleek design that fits the standards of HTML5. The setup is easy just go to the website, download the source code and read the documentation for the steps on how to put it into your website.


Sketch Toy is a free drawing application that lets you save and share step-by-step replays of your work with friends.

SVG to HTML5 Canvas Converter

This tool converts SVG into an HTML5 Canvas JavaScript function. It will work with any host, and I hope it helps people to experiment with Canvas. Most vector art packages (Illustrator, Inkscape etc) can export as SVG.

HTML 5 Outliner

Online tool that presents the structure of HTML5 documents.

Mixeek Animation Tool

Mixeek is a free software tool for designing and executing web animations and interactive animated web applications. It is purely based on JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5. It’s been developed to bring lightweight, easy to use alternative to well known paid animation software tools, which are usually based on browser plug-ins.

Font Dragr

A revolutionary way to test custom fonts in your browser. No coding, no uploading, just drag and drop.

On/Off FlipSwitch

Generate pure CSS3 On/Off flipswitches with animated transitions.

HTML5 Audio

Modern browsers all support HTML5 audio, but do so with different audio formats.Firefox, Chrome, Android and Opera support ogg/vorbis.IE9, Safari, Chrome, Android and iOS support mp3.

Canvas Loader Creator

The Heartcode CanvasLoader Creator is a free online tool which you can use to generate scripted preloaders (spinners or throbblers) for your HTML projects.

Html5 Please

Look up HTML5, CSS3, etc features, know if they are ready for use, and if so find out how you should use them with polyfills, fallbacks or as they are.


Moqups is a nifty HTML5 App used to create wireframes, mockups or UI concepts, prototypes depending on how you like to call them.


Skeleton is a small collection of CSS files that can help you rapidly develop sites that look beautiful at any size, be it a 17″ laptop screen or an iPhone.

HTML5 Boilerplate

HTML5 Boilerplate helps you build fast, robust, and adaptable web apps or sites. Kick-start your project with the combined knowledge and effort of 100s of developers, all in one little package.

Rendera Online HTML5 Editor

Rendera helps you learn HTML5 and CSS. Type in your HTML code and see it rendered in real-time. Then style it with CSS. You can use any of the HTML5 or CSS3 tags your browser supports.


Crossbrowser Audio solution featuring HTML5. Comes out of the box in two variations and with incredible options of customization: Flexible dimensions, unlimited colors and two different button sets for light and dark themes. Easy to set up. Just a few lines of Javascript and a quantum CSS. Featuring the technology of Projekktor it comes with cross-browser compatibility, Flash-fall back plus optional social- and artists information links.


WYSIHTML5 is an open source rich text editor based on HTML5 technology and the progressive-enhancement approach. It uses a sophisticated security concept and aims to generate fully valid HTML5 markup by preventing unmaintainable tag soups and inline styles.


Happy designing!


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