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Saturday, 05 January 2013
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A Linux-based operating system is a Unix-like computer operating system assembled under the model of free and open source software development and distribution. The defining component of a Linux-based operating system is the Linux kernel, an operating system kernel first released 5 October 1991 by Linus Torvalds. Read More about Linux »

Ebook List :

― Backup And Recovery.pdf
― Bind9 Administration Reference Manual.pdf
― Classic Shell Scripting.chm
― Configuring IPCop Firewalls Closing Borders With Open Source.pdf
― DNS & BIND Cookbook.chm
― DNS and BIND 5th ed.chm
― Dns in Action A Detailed and Practical Guide to Dns.pdf
― Ebook Teach Yourself Linux In 24 Hours Sharereactor.pdf
― Eric Steven Raymond The Art of Unix Programming.pdf
― Hacking Linux Exposed.pdf
― How Linux Works What Every Super-User Should Know.chm
― IPsec Virtual Private Network Fundamentals.chm
― Learning the Vi Editor.pdf
― Linux Annoyances For Geeks.chm
― Linux Bible 2008 Edition.pdf
― Linux Complete Command Reference.pdf
― Linux Newbie Administrator Guide.pdf
― Linux The Complete Reference.pdf
― Linux Thin Client Networks Design and Deployment.pdf
― Linux Timesaving Techniques for Dummies.pdf
― Linux Troubleshooting For System Administrators And Power Users .chm
― Linux+ Certification_Bible.pdf
― linux-Addison Wesley The Art Of Unix Programming.chm
― Michael KerrisK the-linux-programming-interface-a-linux-and-unix-system-programming-handbook.pdf
― Neil Matthew Richard Stones Beginning Linux Programming Fourth Edition.pdf
― O'Reilly  Building Internet Firewalls 2nd Edition.pdf
― O'Reilly BSD Hacks.pdf
― O'Reilly Building Secure Servers with Linux.chm
― O'Reilly Building Secure Servers with Linux.pdf
― O'Reilly Essential SNMP.chm
― O'Reilly Essential SNMP.pdf
― O'Reilly Essential System Administration 3rd Edition.chm
― O'Reilly Ethernet Definitive Guide.pdf
― O'Reilly Kerberos The Definitive Guide.chm
― O'Reilly LDAP System Administration.chm
― O'Reilly Learning Red Hat Enterprise Linux & Fedora 4th Edition.chm
― O'Reilly Learning the bash Shell 2nd Edition.chm
― O'Reilly Learning the UNIX Operating System.pdf
― O'Reilly Learning the Vi Editor 6th Edition.pdf
― O'Reilly Linux Cookbook.chm
― O'Reilly Linux Device Drivers 2nd Edition.pdf
― O'Reilly Linux in a Nutshell 4th Edition.chm
― O'Reilly Linux Network Administrator's Guide 2nd Edition.pdf
― O'Reilly Linux Security Cookbook.chm
― O'Reilly Linux Server Hacks.pdf
― O'Reilly Managing NFS and NIS 2nd Edt.pdf
― O'Reilly Network Security with OpenSSL.pdf
― O'Reilly Practical Unix & Internet Security 3rd Edition.chm
― O'Reilly RADIUS.chm
― O'Reilly Running Linux 4th Edition.pdf
― O'Reilly Samba 2nd Edition.chm
― O'Reilly Server Load Balancing.pdf
― O'Reilly SSH The Secure Shell The Definitive Guide.pdf
― O'Reilly The Complete FreeBSD.pdf
― O'Reilly The Network Administration Guide.chm
― O'Reilly The Secure Shell The Definitive Guide.pdf
― O'Reilly Understanding the Linux Kernel 2nd Edition.chm
― O'Reilly Understanding The Linux Kernel.pdf
― O'Reilly UNIX in a Nutshell 3rd Edition.chm
― O'Reilly UNIX Power Tools 3rd Edition.chm
― O'Reilly Virtual Private Networks 2nd Edition.pdf
― OpenVPN Building And Integrating Virtual Private Networks.pdf
― OReilly Linux System Administration.pdf
― OReilly Linux Unwired.chm
― OReilly Zero Configuration Networking The Definitive Guide.chm
― Pro DNS and BIND.pdf
― Red Hat Linux Security And Optimization.pdf
― Sams Publishing Unix Shell Programming 3rd Edition.chm
― SANS Institute Securing Linux A Survival Guide for Linux Security.chm
― Security Warrior.chm
― SELinux By Example Using Security Enhanced Linux .chm
― SELinux NSAs Open Source Security Enhanced Linux .chm
― shell_scripting.pdf
― Snort For Dummies.pdf
― The Tao Of Network Security Monitoring Beyond Intrusion Detection.chm
― Understanding Linux Network Internals.chm
― UNIX Administration A Comprehensive Sourcebook for Effective Systems and Network Management.pdf
― UNIX Filesystems Evolution Design & Implementation.pdf
― Unix Shell Programming.chm
― User Mode Linux.chm
― Wolfgang Mauerer Professional Linux kernel architecture.pdf

Pack Size: 380 MB

Download: HERE

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