Kernel.css is a simple CSS framework that you can use to build any web element and style it easily. It is a unintrusive, lightweight and semantic framework inspired by the material design specifications. It uses a bit of JavaScript and has a GNU license.

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A tutorial about building a responsive vertical timeline from scratch. Basic structure created with minimal markup and the power of CSS pseudo-elements. Transitional effects on scrolling down the page are created by using JavaScript.

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Pretty Dropdowns is a simple, lightweight jQuery plugin that converts <select> drop-down menus into “pretty” menus that you can style using CSS. Full keyboard navigation is supported (you can go directly to a menu option by typing its text). As an extra bonus, it does its best to keep the menu options within the viewport.

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A cool sliding transition made in CSS and JavaScript that activates when you click or scroll. The slider has a really nice effect, moving the image to the back, and highlighting the text. The effect can be easily integrated into any website.

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A snippet about creating tiny text decoding / scramble effect by using javascript. It's easy to use & create an original text effect with this script.

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A tutorial about creating seamless animation between weather states, and some of animations break outside the container by using css and javascript.

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In this tutorial you will find out how to create a sticky navigation bar that remains fixed to the top after scroll by using CSS and jQuery.

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A simple, accessible and customizable HTML5, YouTube and Vimeo media player.

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A jQuery plugin that allows you create page transitions with ease, avoiding being unobtrusive by progressively enhancing page loads to give you control over page transitions. It has an MIT license, which means you can use it for a number of purposes, including commercial purposes.

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Bootstrap Dropdown Slidemorph Menu inspired by Youtube context menus within a video player. Transitions between submenus create very neat experience. Also, menu provides information about selected values for each item.

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