A tiny jQuery plugin that automatically improves the appearance of checkboxes and radio buttons, while also adding the option to change their label text depending on whether they are truthful or not. It works in all modern browsers and is really easy to use.

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JavaScript library and Node.js CLI that generate modern markdown-based documentation hubs for your projects. There are two themes available as well as some customization options such as displaying a GitHub Corner widget.

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A collection of handy JavaScript and jQuery components for UI interactions, effects, and various other utilities. The package includes an infinite grid builder, animations, landscape/portrait detection, device and browser info, and other great mini-libraries.

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A CSS framework that strives to stay as slim as possible and provide the most minimal setup while still making your project pretty. Unlike other UI frameworks such as Bootstrap, Milligram doesn’t offer any components, only basic HTML styles, typography, and a layout grid. Just 2kb in size when gzipped.

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vDrop is minimalistic & customisable jQuery plugin to replace standard HTML select dropdown.

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A 3D text input perfect to animate a game or a website focused on games. It uses very little CSS, but uses JavaScript to provide functionality. The text can be easily styled and it doesn’t take too much time to load.

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A CSS and JavaScript snippet that shows an image transition with exploding particles that looks like a 3D effect. It can be used in a website or a mobile app, is lightweight and does not affect the page load.

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number-divider.js is a jQuery plugin to divide numbers. You can divide numbers in inputs and simple HTML tags. If you wish use it in form then formatted values will be auto replaced on original values.

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In this tutorial, we are going to create a Full-Screen Navigation Menu using HTML, CSS3 and a little bit of jQuery. For this tutorial, we’re going to use Google Fonts, specifically Montserrat. Make sure you include it.

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Today we’d like to share a simple hover/click effect for images with you. The main idea is to show a map or a base image with some points of interest (POS) and when we come close to one of these points and hover, an image starts to fade in. When clicking on the POS indicator, a content layer is shown with some more information on that point; the background image becomes completely opaque. This concept could be fitting for some kind of map assisted story telling, like a travel piece or similar.

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