CSS driven, highly customizable JavaScript library for doing animation on scroll effects. The library is very tiny, easy to use (install via CDN), and most importantly performs well, which can be an issue with other animate on scroll libraries.

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Inferno is probably the fastest JavaScript UI library right now. It borrows heavily from React’s syntax and coding style, but is packed in a much slimmer and more performant package. Even if you don’t plan on using Inferno, go and check out it’s description and source code on GitHub – lot’s of JavaScript wisdom can be found there.

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Lightweight plugin for Vue.js that enables developers to easily validate all the data in the model. It provides a number of built-in validations such as required and minLength, and also supports custom validators. The library is compatible with Vue.js 2.0 and has no other external dependencies.

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Tabular creates data backed tables with jQuery. It includes standard table functionality such as sorting, searching, and pagination.

Tabular uses plugins to create functionality linked by events, so it's easily extensible. It uses jQuery for DOM manipulation and events. Tabular uses mocha, chai and sinon for testing, grunt for tasks.

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Modern CSS framework that provides tons of features, while managing to stay lightweight thanks to it’s modular architecture. The core of Consise has only basic styles for the native HTML elements, while various utilities and components can be included in the form of add-ons.

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A jQuery plugin for creating autocomplete input fields. The library utilizes HTML5’s <datalist>, allowing devs to easily organize all the possible select values and their properties. It works well with multiple selections, has a clear UI, and is really easy to implement.

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Siema is a 1kb JavaScript carousel plugin with no dependencies and no styling. This makes it extremely easy to set up and customize, since there is almost nothing to get in your way. The carousel effect itself is very smooth and the widget has support for touch gestures.

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A simple CSS and JS template that makes text and images appear while you scroll down. The code can be used in websites to tell stories in a more compelling and entertaining way.

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A simple jquery carousel. This project was created due the need of a carousel for my portfolio page. As I'm in a learning stage, I prefered to create a new module to test my skills and learn more about git versioning.

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iTyped is a dead simple Javascript animated typing, with no dependencies. iTyped has a tiny size and easy to use.

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