Parallax-background.js is a background scrolling effect which is designed for you to create beautiful and smooth parallax websites. Enjoy, it’s so simple!

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Zuck.js is a javascript library to create stories for mobile and desktop as you can see on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp.

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ThreeJS is a lightweight (low-level complexity) 3D library made in JavaScript. The library makes use of canvas and SVG tags, CSS3D and WebGL renderers. The minified version can be easily integrated into your HTML, and it gives you a wide range of usage like the addition of cameras and lighting.

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The jQuery.ganttView plugin is a very lightweight plugin for creating a Gantt chart in plain HTML.

No vector graphics or images required. The plugin supports dragging and resizing the Gantt blocks and callbacks to trap the updated data.

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A fully responsive navigation using css3 and jQuery which is very attractive with animated effects. In this header, you can see clean navigation items with search and in mobile/tablet you can see attractive toggle menu with animated open/close effects.

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A simple and easy Javascript and CSS chat box that alternates between users. It is easily customizable to match your site and can be implemented in a heartbeat. The active profile pic gets colored while the others turn black and white for usability.

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Wobble window is a lightweight jQuery plugin that applies a wobble effect to your HTML elements backgrounds.

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Tippy.js is a lightweight, pure Javascript tooltip library powered by Popper.js - an awesome positioning library that takes the headache out of positioning all the tooltips nicely.

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Today we’d like to share an experimental 3D layout with you. The idea is to show some information about a gallery’s exhibition in an interesting way. Each artist has a “room” in the gallery which shows the schedule for the exhibition. When clicking on one of the navigation buttons, we move away from the current room and proceed to the next (or previous) one with an animation.For this experiment we are using the animation library anime.js

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This is a unique and one-of-a-kind jQuery plugin that allows you to display infographics on your web resource. Its main feature is a large variety of figures to be precise then six.

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