One Page Scroll is a plugin to create one page scroller website like iPhone 5S website. You can customise the animation timing, the selector or even the animation easing using CSS3.

ScrollFix is a jQuery plugin for making an element fixed when it goes out of view.

Sticky Header is a hiding header on scroll down and showing it on scroll up. and if you scroll top of page for menus on header with this navigation.

Animate-scroll is a mobile friendly Viewport triggered animation jQuery Plugin using greensock.

scrollReveal.js offers a simple way to create declarative on-scroll reveal animations. It makes it easy control how elements fade in when they enter the viewport.

Sly is a jQuery plugin for one-directional scrolling simulation with item based navigation support.

pagePiling.js is a jQuery plugin to create a beautiful scrolling curtain type websites. It’s flexible and compatible with old browsers and touch devices. You can create an original scrolling site with this plugin.

FSVS is a Simple Full Screen Vertical Slider using CSS3 transitions followed up by a jQuery fallback.
Bound events support mousewheel, click and drag, arrow keys and touch gestures.

Scroll Detection is a simple way to detect the distance the user has scrolled on your website. You can use it to do anything you’d like. In this example, I use it to drop down a navigation bar so the user does not have to scroll all the way back up the page in order to navigate to the next area. It could also be used for sliding in a social sharing bar, displaying more content, or anything, really.

Endless.js is a simple jQuery plugin that allows an infinite scroll on any scrollable HTML element.

The idea is to join the top with the bottom or the left with the right. So when you are at the end or the beginning, you can scroll again and you will are done a complete tour.

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