lazySizes is the ultimate and lightweight lazyLoader which lazy loads images (including responsive images (picture/srcset)), iframes and scripts. It is written in VanillaJS and with high performance.

DateTime Picker is a responsive flat design jQuery based datetime picker for web & mobile. Users can change values using +/- buttons or type values directly into the textbox by selecting each value fields.

Progress Bar.js is a Beautiful and responsive progress bars with animated SVG paths. Use built-in shapes or create your own paths.

RowGrid.js is a small, lightweight jQuery plugin for placing items in straight rows. It’s responsive and can be use infinite scrolling.

Flickerplate is a lightweight jQuery plugin that lets you flick through content. It’s simple to use, fully responsive and touch enabled.

Client Testimonials Carousel is a responsive carousel showcasing selected client testimonials, powered by CSS and jQuery.

OWL Carousel is touch enabled jQuery plugin that lets you create beautiful responsive carousel slider.

jQuery lightSlider is a lightweight touchable responsive content slider.

Jssor slider  is a robust and efficient jQuery slider solution to create responsive, flexible, highly customizable and mobile-friendly content sliders, slideshows, galleries, rotators and many more.

Pure Drawer is a off-canvas” navigation style made popular by Facebook a few years back. There are a lot of great javascript plugins that offers this functionality, but I thought it would be cool to try and do this with the new cool features of css. No javascript required.