FlexImages is a lightweight jQuery plugin for creating fluid galleries as seen on Flickr and Google Images.

lazySizes is the ultimate and lightweight lazyLoader which lazy loads images (including responsive images (picture/srcset)), iframes and scripts. It is written in VanillaJS and with high performance.

Circular slider is a jQuery plugin which helps to slide range of values and images. It supports half(top/bottom/up/down) and full circle shapes.

jQuery Flyout is a simple plugin for creating a flyout menu button.

DateTime Picker is a responsive flat design jQuery based datetime picker for web & mobile. Users can change values using +/- buttons or type values directly into the textbox by selecting each value fields.

ScrollFix is a jQuery plugin for making an element fixed when it goes out of view.

Headhesive.js creates an on-demand sticky header. Specify when you want your header to become fixed and the rest is magic. Headhesive.js is a standalone JavaScript plugin with no dependancies.

Animate-scroll is a mobile friendly Viewport triggered animation jQuery Plugin using greensock.

tileSlideshow is a Simple jQuery-based random slideshow plugin.

  • Responsive and Mobile Friendly
  • 3D animations Supported
  • Easy to Use

RowGrid.js is a small, lightweight jQuery plugin for placing items in straight rows. It’s responsive and can be use infinite scrolling.