Triangloid is a JavaScript library that can trianglifies images and outputs as SVGs. It has been inspired and based on Trianglify

SweetAlert automatically centers itself on the page and looks great no matter if you’re using a desktop computer, mobile or tablet. It’s even highly customizeable.

heatmap.js is a javascript library for HTML5 canvas based heatmaps. It’s lightweight and most advanced heatmap visualization library on the web.

Gifshot is a javascript library that can create animated GIFs from media streams, videos, or images.

A collection of animated background header effects for your inspiration. We use Canvas and Javascript to create an animated background for large site headers.

Kontext is a context-shift transition inspired by iOS. It’s created using JavaScript, CSS 3D transforms and CSS Animations.

Fitter Happier Text is a javascript library for performant and fully fluid heading.

Fitter Happier Text replaces each node with an SVG text node and sets the viewBox attribute based on its width and height.

Bounce.js is a javascript library that lets you create beautiful CSS3 powered animations. Here are some example of animation  you can use with bounce.js: scale, rotate, translate, skew etc.

hello.js is a client-side Javascript SDK for authenticating with OAuth2 web services and querying their REST API’s. HelloJS standardizes paths and responses to common API’s like Google Data Services, Facebook Graph and Windows Live Connect.

Sensei Grid is a simple data grid library written in JavaScript.


  • Simplicity: Sensei Grid will be a single purpose data grid without unrelated functionality.