Today we’d like to share a little effect with you that you might have already stumbled upon on the Web. It’s a kind of a mirror effect as seen on sites like Corentin Fardeau and Method.

MenuSpy is a JavaScript library to make navigation menus highlight the item based on currently in view section.

  • No dependencies
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and fast

Notyf is a dead simple, responsive, vanilla javascript plugin to show notification.

Notyf is under MIT licence.

VisitorParser.js is a lightweight javascript-based to analyze visitors with user-agent & ip geo location parser.

JavaScript library and Node.js CLI that generate modern markdown-based documentation hubs for your projects. There are two themes available as well as some customization options such as displaying a GitHub Corner widget.

A collection of handy JavaScript and jQuery components for UI interactions, effects, and various other utilities. The package includes an infinite grid builder, animations, landscape/portrait detection, device and browser info, and other great mini-libraries.

JavaScript 3D Text Input

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

A 3D text input perfect to animate a game or a website focused on games. It uses very little CSS, but uses JavaScript to provide functionality. The text can be easily styled and it doesn’t take too much time to load.

A CSS and JavaScript snippet that shows an image transition with exploding particles that looks like a 3D effect. It can be used in a website or a mobile app, is lightweight and does not affect the page load.

slide.js is a simple, JavaScript slider library for change between array of images with vertical/horziontal sliding or cross-fading effects.

Zooming is a javascript library to create image zoom that makes sense.


  • Pure JavaScript & built with mobile in mind.
  • Smooth animations with intuitive gestures.