responsive drag slider with parallax effect and transparent letter effect by using javascript, CSS. The thing is pretty easy customizable. You can safely change font, font size, font color, animation speed. The first letter of a new string in array in JS will appear on a new slide.

Easy to create (or delete) a new slide: 1. Add new city in the array in JS. 2. Change number of slides variable and put a new image in scss list in CSS.

Faded CSS & jQuery Slider

Monday, 06 February 2017

A slider made in CSS and jQuery that makes its own background fade in order to make the central area stand out. It is responsive and focuses on images, although you can easily add text if necessary.

CSS Only Slider

Friday, 27 January 2017

A tutorial about how to create a responsive card slider using CSS and HTML only — not a single JavaScript line! On this tutorial we’ll make use of radio buttons to achieve a fully-working CSS only slider.

A cool sliding transition made in CSS and JavaScript that activates when you click or scroll. The slider has a really nice effect, moving the image to the back, and highlighting the text. The effect can be easily integrated into any website.

slide.js is a simple, JavaScript slider library for change between array of images with vertical/horziontal sliding or cross-fading effects.

Slippry is a Responsive slider plugin for jQuery. Intrinsic trick to enable responsive resizing without js.

Jqx Media Slider is a Customizable jQuery Media Slider Plugin.

iSlider is a smooth slider for Mobile WebApp, HTML5 App, Hybrid App.

Slider Pro is a responsive and touch-enabled jQuery slider plugin that enables you to create elegant and professionally looking sliders.

lightSlider is a lightweight responsive Content slider with carousel thumbnails navigation based on Jquery.

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