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The site derives its name from the abbreviation for the World Wide Web; W3 is a numeronym of WWW. W3Schools is not affiliated with the W3C. Members of the W3C have asked W3Schools to explicitly disavow any connection, but they have refused to do so.


The knowledge necessary to achieve refined typography on the web is not as daunting as you may think. One can go a long way with a few basic tips

Now that web fonts are natively supported in most browsers and more and more typographic features are implemented in the latest versions of HTML and CSS, a bright new era of increasingly sophisticated typography on the web is upon us. This means web designers need to get (re)acquainted with the rules of classic typesetting, but it doesn’t end there.

How do spammers harvest email addresses ?

There are many ways in which spammers can get your email address. The ones I know of are : If you want to know about this pls read more and leave comment .... ;)

Hi !
Last night i got a email from Google about new version of compose Email, it was interest for me so i decide to share on my personal blog... Read this post and try new function for your gmail account and enjoy it.

Tonight (12:15 AM)  before sleep i want to share useful cool floating recent tweets widget with my visitors.

Tonight I’ve Floating Recent Tweets Widget For Blogger, WordPress and etc. When you move cursor on it. It pop out with Cool Floating Recent Tweets Widget. This is a great widget for you to increase twitter followers and force visitors to follow you.

Have the videos you shared on YouTube gone missing from your local backups? Now you can grab the originals from Google Takeout.

Uploading a YouTube video causes it to be converted to the format used for streaming by the service. If you ever lose your videos, you could always grab the converted versions from the YouTube site, but what if you want the originals?

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