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Friday, 09 November 2012
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To be a good programmer, you need to know how to solve problems, think logically and express yourself clearly. These are valuable skills to acquire, even if you don’t want a career in programming. No single computer language will do everything. Before you decide which one to learn, you need to know what each one is best suited for and what you want to accomplish.

Learning C++

C++ is a general purpose programming language that’s often used for graphical applications. It’s powerful and fast, but difficult to learn.

01 Fundamentals of C++

This course is designed for the serious hobbyist and professional programmer. You need Windows and Visual C++ installed. A free online textbook is provided as part of the course.

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02 Introduction to C++

This course is designed for those who need to learn basic programming skills quickly, but not in depth. Special software is required for some of the files, but links to the software are provided on the site.

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03 C++ Programming

This site contains 29 video lectures that teach C++ programming.

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Learning Java

Java is a powerful and flexible language used to create programs that are executed inside other programs.

01 Fundamentals of Java

This course is designed for beginning hobbyists and first-year IT students. A free online textbook is provided on the site.

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02 Java Programming

Fifty video lectures that teach Java programming can be found on this site.

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03 Java For Complete Beginners

This course is designed for people with no knowledge about Java. The Java Software Development Kit is required, but a link is provided on the “What You Need To Get Started” page.

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Learning Lua

Lua is the leading scripting language used in games as of March 2010. It’s a powerful, lightweight language with only a few simple concepts to learn. It’s fairly fast, efficient, and can easily be embedded in other applications.

01 Lua Tutorial

This tutorial is aimed at beginners. It assumes you are using Lua version 5.1. You will need an executable version of Lua, and a link is provided as part of the course.

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02 Programming in Lua

This online book provides a detailed introduction to Lua programming by its chief architect, Roberto Ierusalimschy.

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Learning Perl

Perl can be used for a variety of jobs such as scanning text files, extracting information from them, and then printing reports based on the information. Perl can also be used for automating routines and writing CGI programs that interface between Web servers and outside programs.

01 Perl

You will need to have an understanding of Web development and some knowledge of HTML and CSS to understand this tutorial, which is designed to give you a solid foundation in PERL

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Learning Python

Python is a powerful language with a simple, regular syntax that makes it an easy language for beginners to learn. It allows programmers to work quickly and is used for scripting and rapid application development.

01 Python Programming Tutorial

This course is designed for beginners or experienced Python programmers who can enter the course at whatever point best fits their previous knowledge.

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02 Python Programming

This video course includes 43 lectures on Python programming.

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Learning Visual Basic

Visual Basic is used for creating Windows applications. It allows users to create graphical programs with little coding by the programmer. Instead, the VB program automatically generates much of the code as the programmer works in the Graphical User Interface (GUI).

01 Fundamentals of Visual Basic

This course is designed for the serious hobbyist as well as professional programmers. Windows and Visual Basic are required.

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02 Visual Basic .NET Programming for Beginners

This course assumes you have no previous programming experience. A link to Microsoft’s online book, Visual Basic Express, is available as well.

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03 How Do I Videos-Visual Basic

This site has dozens of videos designed for beginning and professional Visual Basic developers.

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Student Special

Tutor Hunt is completely free service, and make it simple for students to search for all the tutors within their local area.

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