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Thursday, 01 November 2012
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Last night i got a email from google about new version of compose Email, it was interest for me so i decide to share on my personal blog... Read this post and try new function for your gmail account and enjoy it.

 Introducing the new compose in Gmail

Google started testing this week a new compose and reply experience in Gmail, making it easier to reference other emails without having to close a draft.

Similar to a pop up chat screen, an email draft would rest on top of the main inbox without overtaking the entire screen.

“How many times have you been writing an email and had to reference something in another message?” Google said. “Saving a draft, opening the old email, and then reopening your draft wastes valuable minutes. The new compose pops up in a window, just like chats (only larger).”

The concept also allows you to do a search and monitor new mail as it rolls in, while composing an email at the same time. You can also write multiple emails at once and minimize the message if you want to wrap it up later.

“The new compose is designed to let you focus on what’s important: your message.” Google added. “The controls are still there when you need them but get out of the way when you don’t. We’ve even added some new features like the ability to easily insert inline images and have more to come.”

 Introducing the new compose in Gmail

Another feature Google is testing is the ability to see profile pictures of contacts, so you can find who you want to reach faster.

“You can also drag and drop the new address chips between to:, cc: and bcc:,” Google said. “When you’re done adding recipients, the address area collapses automatically to get out of your way.”

What do you think of the features being tested? Would you like to see them roll out to Gmail? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


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