A Selected List of Ebooks about Typography

Friday, 17 October 2014
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I love reading books and stories on the Internet. Actually, I like reading everything I can (Usually i focus on the books which are about IT and the books which i can develope my skills), Reading helps me develop my vocabulary, so even if my trusty dictionary isn't nearby, I can still guess the definition of unfamiliar words. :P

I'm always finding great Ebooks to read and I share them on my blog, Twitter, Facebook & elsewhere. So here in this post i gonna share a list of selected Ebooks about Typography which i find them from my archive. So let's read more and download please leave a comment and let me know if there are any new and good books related this post :)

What is Typography?

Typography is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language most appealing to learning and recognition...

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— Adobe InDesign In Depth Text and Typography Adobe Systems Incorporated
— Anatomy of a Typeface Alexander Lawson
— Art of Typography An Introduction to Typo Icon Ography, The Martin Solomon
— Basics Typography 01 Virtual Typography Matthias Hilner
— Basics Typography 02 Using Type Michael Harkins
— Complete Manual of Typography, Second Edition, The James Felici
— Computer Arts Collection Typography WorldMags
— Computers and Typography 2 Rosemary Sassoon
— Dictionary of Typography and its Accessory Arts John Southward
— Early Schools of Typography, The William Blades
— Education of a Typographer, The Steven Heller
— Elements of Typographic Style, The Robert Bringhurst
— Fundamentals of Typography, The Gavin Ambrose & Paul Harris
— Gutenberg Galaxy The Making of Typographic Man, The Marshall McLuhan
— Handy Book of Artistic Printing A Collection of Letteinter's Devils, and Other Freaks of Fancy Doug Clouse
— Indie Publishing How to Design and Produce Your Own Book Ellen Lupton
— Lettering and Type Creating Letters and Designing Typefaces Bruce Willen
— Letters of Credit A View of Type Design Walter Tracy
— Mastering Type Denise Bosler
— Material Texts Out of Sorts On Typography and Print Culture Joseph A Dane
— On Type Designs Past and Present Stanley Morison
— Smashing eBook #6 Typography Manuela Muller
— Smashing eBook #6 Typography Manuela Muller
— Smashing eBook #6 Typography Manuela Muller
— Thinking with Type A Critical Guide for Designers, Wrers, Editors, and Students (2nd Edition) Ellen Lupton
— Type and Typography The Designers Type Book Ben Rosen
— Type Designs Albert Fredrick Johnson
— Type Rules! The Designer's Guide to Professional Typography Ilene Strizver
— Type Specific Designing Custom Fonts for Function and Identity Charlotte Rivers
— Type The Secret History of Letters Simon Loxley
— Typography Basics David Creamer
— Typography Design and Practice John Lewis
— Typography Referenced A Complete Visual Guide to the Luage, History, and Practice of Typography Allan Haley
— Typologia Studies in Type Design Fredric W Goudy
— View of Early Typography Up to About 1600, A Harry Carter

Typography Ebook Collection

This pack is include 35 PDF, pack size is 725 MB (If download link is broken please let me know, I'll change at the earliest opportunity)

Download here!

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

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