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Thursday, 03 October 2013
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The templates featured on Start Bootstrap are built using the Bootstrap 3 framework. In order to get the most out of these free templates, we recommend that you build an in-depth understanding of the Bootstrap framework. Some of these templates can be great learning tools and are a great place to start, but to unlock their full potential they will require some personalized customization.

Each template is a standalone HTML file. The templates also have a corresponding custom CSS file (ex. one-page-wonder.html and one-page-wonder.css) To access the templates you can either download the .zip file for a template (each .zip file is pre-packaged with the Bootstrap core components and jQuery), you can view the live preview and copy the HTML/CSS source code directly using your browser, or you can view the source files on GitHub.

Bootstrap 4 Learning Resources

Official Bootstrap Documentation
Understanding Twitter Bootstrap 3 - SitePoint
Bootstrap 3 Grid Introduction - UX at Hello Erik
Responsive Web Development with bootstrap

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