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Sunday, 15 September 2013
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Introduction to jQuery

jQuery is a multi-browser (cf. cross-browser) JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML. It was released in January 2006 at...

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The collection below comprises fresh valuable jQuery image sliders that serve their purpose well, and are available absolutely free of charge.

List of free jQuery Image Sliders:

Adaptor is an advanced image slider that leverages various amazing 3d effects for transitions. You can choose between stylish vertical or horizontal 3d scroll and standard 2d transitions.

BeaverSlider is a basic jQuery image slider that ably showcases portfolio pieces. It is very flexible and fully customizable, has a dynamic message box, and effectively co-works with custom CSS classes.

Sequence is an adaptive image slider that, in addition, has a full and requisite touch screen and cross browser support. It provides owner with various CSS3 transitions.

Diapo is a simple slideshow that is aimed to wonderfully demonstrate your masterpieces. It is fully compatible with new versions of popular browsers.

Unslider is a modern and responsive visual component that gives numerous possibilities to its owner. It supports keyboard navigation and can be easily adjusted for height. It has sleek interface that adds to any web project elegance.

StackSlider establishes an amusing and cheerful atmosphere. The slideshow is based on a nice 3d effect, sketchy outline navigation arrows, funny hand-written font, and 2 graphically visualized stacks of images.

Swipe. The designer adopts a more serious approach unlike the previous one and creates a neat and accurate slider that easily reinforces businesslike theme. It is totally compatible with EI7+, responsive, and has a swipe support.

SlideJS is entirely appropriate for touch screens due to its great support of such kind of devices through efficient tracking of touch movements. It is highly adaptable and supplies users with sleek CSS3 transitions.

Full Width Image Slider. The team provides its readers with a lot of helpful stuff, including high-quality jQuery image sliders such as this. The full width slider can adapt for mobile devices, tablets and various desktop monitors. The team gives away not only the component but also in-depth tutorial that explains its basics.

SimpleSlider is a small yet effective image slider that has numerous valuable features as well as eye-catching effect transitions. It has a nice elegant frame and crisp title boxes.

Camera. This jQuery image slider looks absolutely fantastic due to its clean and harmonious design. Although it is based on Diapo slideshow, it is much more improved version that is capable to productively shed a light on your projects. If you want to gain full advantages of this slider you should include other integral plugins that extend its possibilities such as jQuery Easing and jQuery Mobile.

Elastic Content Slider. As it says in the title, the slider is fully adaptable and flexible. It will easily display any content in any popular device. It looks well-organized and properly-structured with a lovely hint of blueprint style.

Simple Images Slider. This is a standard slider, the main purpose of which is effective demonstration of images as well as provision of easy navigation by means of set of tiny thumbnails. You can use your own CSS styles or customize the slider using available effects. The control function covers both mouse and keyboard navigation.

SkdSlideris a lightweight slider that takes up the whole width of a screen; of course, you can set a specific width if you want to. It has several options for slight customization.

Slide is based on a modern, time-tested and powerful combination of CSS3 and Javascript. It is a simple cross-browser slider with stunning and smooth 3d effects.


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