How to Increase Computer Shut Down/Start Up Speed in Windows 8

Saturday, 24 August 2013
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You may have an obvious delay between the press of the shutdown button and the actual shutdown of your Windows operating system. This registry tweak works in all versions of Windows including Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Many users wait until their computers have fully finished turning off before leaving them. This may be either for safety or for confidentiality concerns. Some computers, especially older ones, take much longer to turn off than some users would like. The time it takes your computer to turn off should be considerably less than it takes to power on.

Typically this shutdown delay is caused by Windows waiting for applications and services to respond to the shutdown command. During this time (WaitToKillServiceTimeout) these applications and services are attempting to clean up and exit gracefully. If this does not occur, the user receives a warning message that gives the option to wait or to kill the process.

By tweaking the registry, Windows will be less patient in waiting for the shutdown process, and the user will see the option to force the termination of the processes much more quickly.

Microsoft has already decreased the shutdown time in Windows 8 although you can use this method to additionally improve the speed. Through the tweak, Vista and Windows 7 systems will shutdown much quicker. In fact, this registry hack has been widely used since Windows 2000.

Incorrectly editing the registry can break your system. Be cautious.

To increase computer shut down speed follow the given simple steps

1) Open run dialog box and for this purpose Press win+R key from your keyboard or open it manually (it’s totally up to you).

2) Now enter Regedit in the text field of run dialog box as shown. It will open registry editor.

3) Now double click on Hkey_Local_Machine folder from left side of registry editor. It will open a list of other folders. Now navigate to the Control folder as shown.

Hkey_local_Machine > System > ControlSet001 > Control

How to Increase Computer Shut Down / Start Up Speed in Windows 8

4) Now double click on WaitToKillService which will open another dialog box named as Edit string. Now change the Value data to 2000 as shown as shown.

5) Restart your computer to make changes take effect.

Video by Ibrahim Jabbari

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