How to Add Shortcuts to “My Computer” in Windows 8

Monday, 05 August 2013
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How to Add Shortcuts to “My Computer” in Windows

Here’s a way to get more usefulness out of ”My Computer” by adding the shortcuts that you need to it. This also gives you quick access to the program or folder and works very well with Windows Explorer tabs tweak like Clover. Here’s how you can add shortcuts to your ”My Computer” in a few easy clicks.

How to Add Shortcuts to the Computer Dialog in Windows

Press the Win + R keyboard combination to bring up and run box, then type the following.


Then hit enter.

Then navigate to Microsoft > Windows > Network Shortcuts. Program shortcuts that you place here will be shown on ‘My Computer’, it’s that simple.

Once you have placed program shortcuts into that folder, you’ll be able to see the shortcut icons on ‘My Computer’.

Done ! ;)

Note: This should work in at least Windows 7 and Windows 8, but it might work in Vista. Maybe.

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