Getting Started with XHTML and CSS

Sunday, 04 August 2013
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The first step in learning the fundamentals of web design is getting past acronyms like XHTML and CSS. In this user-friendly workshop, author and trainer Chad Chelius demystifies XHTML code, showing you the building blocks of a web page’s content, and explains the role that cascading style sheets (CSS) play in building web pages. You’ll learn how to gain complete control over the appearance of your web pages and how to work with links, graphics, and alt text. Finally, you’ll see how to upload your files to a server, add meta tags, and test your website, and you’ll even get a glimpse of the future of the web: HTML5 and CSS3.

Topics include:

― Understanding the Web
― Creating Web Pages with XHTML
― Creating Links
― Working with Graphics
― Formatting with CSS
― Going Live with Your Website
― Future Technologies

Pack size: 355 MB
Main website:
Trainer: Chad Chelius
Duration: 4 hrs

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