How to activate full screen compose window on Gmail

Thursday, 25 July 2013
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On Friday Google announced a big change to Gmail’s compose window: a full-screen option and a switch to set it as the default. The new feature is rolling out worldwide “over the next couple of days.”

Gmail now allows us to turn the compose window “full-screen”. The new compose window pretty much stretches and overs in the center of your screen, making the email the center of attention while keeping the new features. You can still minimize the compose window and multi-task if you wish.

It’s not a complete solution for those who want the old-style compose page, but it gives you more place to work.Make gmail compose full screen using the following steps:

1. Open a compose window in Gmail.

2. Click on the full screen icon in the upper right corner (between the minimize and close icons).

3. Your Gmail compose window will now be full screen.

4. Click the arrow at the bottom right and choose "Default to Full Screen" so future compose windows will appear full screen.

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