How to Shut down and Restart Windows 8 more quickly

Saturday, 20 July 2013
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Where Windows 7 displays its power button in a prominent place on its Start Menu, Windows 8 makes perform four actions just to turn your computer off. To get to the power button in the new OS, you must pull out the Charms menu, click the Settings charm, click the Power button and then select Shutdown or Restart.

However, there’s an easy way to put the shutdown and restart functions just one click away from the desktop and Start screen. Just create shortcuts for both actions using the following steps:

1.) Right click on the desktop and select the “New Shortcut”.

2.) Enter “shutdown -s -f -t 00″  or “shutdown /s /t 0″  (Last word is zero) , enter it without quotes (” “). After entering click on next to go ahead further.

3.) Now enter a name “Shutdown” to the shortcut and click on finish button. After finishing, a shortcut will appear on your windows 8 desktop.

4.) Right click on the icon, a dialogue box will appear. This dialogue box will give you a notification that this shortcut doesn’t have an icon. Now, click on OK to add the Icon.

5.) Now click on change icon button and select the icon. After select, click twice on OK to save the change.

6.) Now you will see a shutdown button shortcut on your desktop. Select the shortcut, Right click on it and choose pin to start. You can also drag the icon to add to task bar.  Drag right/left to place the shutdown button.

You had successfully created and added the shutdown button in your start menu for fast opening & closing of windows 8.

7.) You can also create a restart button in windows 8 by using the command “shutdown /r /t 0″ (without quotes) in step-2 to create a restart button in windows 8.


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