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Saturday, 29 June 2013
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Visual Basic is a third-generation event-driven programming language and integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft for its COM programming model first released in 1991. Visual Basic is designed to be relatively easy to learn and use. Visual Basic was derived from BASIC and enables the rapid application development (RAD) of graphical user interface (GUI) applications, access to databases using Data Access Objects, Remote Data Objects, or ActiveX Data Objects, and creation of ActiveX controls and objects. The scripting language VBScript is a subset of Visual Basic.

A programmer can create an application using the components provided by the Visual Basic program itself. Programs written in Visual Basic can also use the Windows API, but doing so requires external function declarations. Though the program has received criticism for its perceived faults, version 3 of Visual Basic was a runaway commercial success, and many companies offered third party controls greatly extending its functionality.

The final release was version 6 in 1998. Microsoft's extended support ended in March 2008 and the designated successor was Visual Basic .NET (now known simply as Visual Basic).

A dialect of Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), is used as a macro or scripting language within several Microsoft applications, including Microsoft Office. Read more...

Ebook list :

A programmers introduction to VB NET 2001.pdf
Absolute Beginners Guide to VBA 2004 .chm
Advanced MS VB 6 0 2nd ed 1998 .chm
An Introduction to Programming Using Visual Basic 2005 6th Ed .chm
Application Development Using Visual Basic and NET .chm
Beginning ASP NET Databases using VB NET 2002 .chm
Beginning Object Oriented Programming with VB 2005 From Novice to Professional 2006.pdf
Beginning Visual Basic 2005.pdf
C Sharp and VB NET Conversion Pocket Reference 2002 .chm
Data Entry and Validation with C Sharp and VB net Windows Forms 2003 .chm
Data Entry and Validation with C Sharp and VB NET Windows Forms 2003.pdf
Desktop Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic 6 0 MCSD Training Kit 70-176 1999 .chm
Developing XML Web Services and Server Components with VB NET & Visual C Sharp NET 2003 .chm
Distributed Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic 6 0 MS .CHM
eMbedded Visual Basic Windows CE and Pocket PC Mobile Applications 2002 .chm
Learning Visual Basic NET 2003 .chm
Managing Windows with VBScript and WMI 2004 .chm
Mastering Visual Basic NET 2002.pdf
MCAD MCSD Visual Basic net XML Web Services And Server Components Study Guide 2003 .chm
Microsoft Excel VBA Programming for the Absolute Beginner 2002.pdf
Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition Build a Program Now.pdf
Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition Programming for the Absolute Beginner .chm
Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 Step By Step 2006 .chm
MS Office 2k Visual Basic for Applications Fundamentals .chm
Network programming NET with C Sharp and VB NET 2004.pdf
Object-Oriented Programming with Visual Basic NET 2003 .chm
OOP with Microsoft Visual Basic NET and Microsoft Visual C Sharp Step By Step 2002.pdf
Peer-To-Peer With VB NET 2003 .chm
Professional VB 2005 2006.pdf
Professional Visual Studio 2005 Team System .chm
Programming Dist Applications with COM and MS VB6 1998 .chm
Programming Excel with VBA and NET 2006 .chm
Programming Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 The Language .chm
Programming Microsoft Visual Basic 6 0 1999 .chm
Programming VB NET 2002.pdf
Programming Visual Basic for Palm OS 2002 .chm
Programming Visual Basic NET 2002.pdf
Programming Visual Basic NET 2nd Ed 2001 .chm
Security For Microsoft Visual Basic NET 2003 .chm
Special Edition Using Microsoft Visual Basic NET 2002 .chm
Teach Yourself Visual Basic 6 in 21 Days 2004.pdf
The Book of Visual Basic 2005 NET Insight for Classic VB Developers.pdf
VB & VBA in a Nutshell 1998.pdf
VB NET Core Classes in a Nutshell 2002 .chm
VB NET Language In A Nutshell 2nd Ed 2002 .chm
VB NET Language Pocket Reference 2002 .chm
VB NET Mastering vb net database programming 2002.pdf
VB NET Syngress Developers guide 2001.pdf
VBA WRD 9 2000 .CHM
VBA XL 9 2000 .CHM
VBScript In A Nutshell 2nd Ed 2003 .chm
VBScript Language Reference 1997 .chm
Visual Basic 2005 Database Programming 2006.pdf
Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition Starter Kit 2006.pdf
Visual Basic 2005 For Dummies 2006.pdf
Visual Basic 2005 In A Nutshell, 3rd Edition 2006 .chm
Visual Basic 2005 Jumpstart 2005 .chm
Visual Basic 2005 Programmer's Reference 2005.pdf
Visual Basic 6 Black Book 1998 .chm
Visual Basic 6 Black Book 2001.pdf
Visual Basic 6 Database How-To 1999.pdf
Visual Basic 6 Programming Concepts 1999.pdf
Visual Basic 6 Special Edition 1998.pdf
Visual Basic 6 The Complete Reference 1999.pdf
Visual Basic Blackbook 1998.pdf
Visual Basic Conceptual Topics .CHM
Visual Basic Databases.pdf
Visual Basic Design Patterns VB 6 0 and VB NET 2002 .chm
Visual Basic Ebook Collection part1 rar
Visual Basic Ebook Collection part2 rar
Visual Basic Ebook Collection part3 rar
Visual Basic How-To Topics .CHM
Visual Basic Language Reference 1 .CHM
Visual Basic Language Reference 2 .CHM
Visual Basic Language Reference 3 .CHM
Visual Basic Microsoft Graph Objects .CHM
Visual Basic Microsoft Office Reference .CHM
Visual Basic NET How to Program 2E.pdf
Visual Basic NET Language in a Nutshell 2001.pdf
Visual Basic NET Power Coding 2003 .chm
Visual Basic NET Power Tools 2004 .chm
Visual Basic NET Unleashed 2002 .chm
Visual Basic Programming for the Absolute Beginner 2001.pdf
Visual Basic User Interface Help .CHM
Windows Forms Programming in Visual Basic NET 2004 .chm
Writing Excel Macros with VBA 2nd Ed 2002.pdf

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