Create Navigation Menus with jQuery

Thursday, 11 April 2013
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Find out how to add stylized dropdown menus to your web site using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In this short course, author Chris Converse breaks down the menu design process, explaining how to build a menu foundation using unordered lists, establish hierarchy with nested submenus, apply styling using CSS rules, and incorporate dropdown functionality using a jQuery plug-in.

Demo: To preview the finished project, visit here


― Previewing the final project
― Using the exercise files
― Creating a folder and adding the starter files
― Downloading and setting up Aptana Studio

Creating Web Graphics

― Saving web graphics from Photoshop

Adding HTML

― Adding a standard unordered (bulleted) list
― Nesting unordered lists
― Nesting a list within another nested list

Styling and Activating the Menus

― Adding CSS rules to style the menu
― Activating the plug-in with jQuery
― Targeting parent items with a special CSS class

Where to Go from Here

― More resources for additional menu plug-ins

Pack size: 87 MB
Author: Chris Converse
Level: Intermediate
Duration: 24m 1s

Download: HERE

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