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Sunday, 13 January 2013
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HTML5 is the new buzz term that even your grandparents are somehow familiar with. In step by step fashion, we’re going to dig into this new technology, including the various new HTML tags, feature detection, and working with a couple of the new JavaScript APIs.

The Basics 42m 1s

Welcome 52s
The Doctype 2m 57s
What to Remove 3m 39s
The Simplest HTML Document Possible 3m 41s
Headers, Footers, and Navigation 7m 38s
Sections and Articles 8m 26s
Asides 2m 27s
Details 4m 3s
The HTML5 Shim 4m 15s
Figures 4m 3s

Forms 33m 36s

Email Inputs 5m 37s
Url and Tel Inputs 8m 37s
Search, Color, and Number Inputs 4m 55s
Range Inputs and javascript 8m 8s
New Form Attributes 3m 58s
Progress and Meter 2m 21s

Feature Detection 23m 53s

An Introduction to Feature Detection 7m 1s
Modernizr 7m 47s
Polyfills 3m 3s
Modernizr.load 6m 2s

History 25m 37s

History - pushState 5m 19s
History - popState 3m 5s
Hands-On Project (Part 1) 10m 1s
Hands-On Project (Part 2) 7m 12s

Local Storage 42m 5s

Local Storage Introduction 5m 40s
Feature Detection 5m 34s
A Persisting Comment Form 11m 21s
The Storage Event 7m 11s
Save Objects to Local Storage 2m 47s
Save and Bind Data to a Form 9m 32s

Pack size: 316 MB

Download: HERE

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