slide.js is a simple, JavaScript slider library for change between array of images with vertical/horziontal sliding or cross-fading effects.

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input-mask.js enables you to include a mask on any input where a specific data entry format is required. The placeholder text remains in place, displaying which characters still need to be included. The placeholder is CSS styleable.

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iziToast is a simple, fast yet fully configurable JavaScript used to create responsive, elegant and CSS3 animated toast notifications of various types in the screen.

Key features:

  • 4 built in themes: info, warning, error and success.
  • Easy to add your own themes.

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Zooming is a javascript library to create image zoom that makes sense.


  • Pure JavaScript & built with mobile in mind.
  • Smooth animations with intuitive gestures.

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AmazonAutocomplete is a vanilla JavaScript plugin to unlock the full power of the Amazon autocompletion engine right into your search input.

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Swipe is the most accurate touch slider. It is extremely lightweight (only 5kb minified) and works across all browsers, including IE7+.

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Table Dragger is a minimalist plain Table-dragger is a minimalist plain Javascript library for building reorderable drag-and-drop table.

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Formbase is a better default styles for common input elements.Formbase eliminates cross browser bugs, inconsistencies across systems and applies a beautiful default styling to several input elements.

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Photographic filters made with CSS, inspired by VSCO and CSSgram

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Cloud 9 Carousel is a 3D perspective carousel for jQuery/Zepto focused on performance.

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