How to Use CSS3 Multiple Backgrounds

In this post you will learn about the CSS3 Multiple Backgrounds...

VLC is an extremely useful application for watching, recording, and streaming audio and video. And if you didn't know, you can also use it to watch your favorite YouTube videos.

As the Digital Inspiration blog points out, there are lots of benefits to watching YouTube videos in VLC.  For starters, you can skip any ads that might play before videos without needing to use a browser extension. Second, you can change the playback speed of videos, which can help if you're trying to learn something new, like a dance. Third, you can watch the video in a smaller window while still doing other things on your computer. And finally, you can capture snapshots from the video easily through VLC's interface.

Don't waste the precious space on the Windows 8 Start screen with tiles you don't use. Pin your favorite Web sites to the Start screen instead...

Hey dear visitor. a few day ago one of my website users ask about "Have some way to move wordpress blog to BlogEngine .net". In this post, I will explain how to migrate a blog running on Word Press (Self Hosted) to BlogEngine.

Hi guys! In today’s tutorial i will make a simple real-time application that will determine and show the locations of currently connected users directly on a map. For this purpose i will use Node.js and the HTML5 Geolocation API.

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