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23 Nov
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Generate powerful keyword with Keyword Pad

today is special day in many countries (Black Friday)...! So that why in this post i have a gift for my visitors ... Read More & Download

KeywordPad is a Windows software for managing large keyword lists used in your Internet marketing campaigns (organic search engine optimization, PPC advertisement campaigns, etc).

Generate powerful keyword with Keyword Pad

What Does Keyword Pad Do?

    ― Remove duplicate keyword phrases from large lists
    ― Sort keyword lists alphabetically or based on word count (ascending and descending)
    ― Clean keyword phrases by removing words at start, end, in the middle or any where in the keyword phrase.
    ― Clean keyword phrases by removing unwanted characters (even based on where they occur)
    ― Search and replace words in a large keyword list.
    ― Find and remove unwanted terms (at the start, end, middle, etc.) from each keyword phrase in your list.
    ― Create and add common misspellings of existing keyword phrases in list.
    ― Create large keyword lists by replacing a term with another and then duplicating the list. Perfect for creating long tail keywords!
    ― Merge keyword lists.
    ― Remove leading, trailing characters (punctuation, spaces or any other)
    ― Remove repeated characters (for example, spaces)
    ― Create larger keyword lists by recombining the words in the existing phrases.
    ― Convert the keywords to upper, lower, First letters to upper, etc.
    ― Create Google phrase, exact matched keyword phrases.
    ― Add prefix and suffix words to every keyword phrase in your list.
    ― Copy and move keywords between multiple keyword lists. The software supports loading up to 6 different keyword lists.
    ― Export the keyword lists to text files.
    ― Import large keyword lists from text files.

and also I like to use this tool if I am searching for available domains that have similar properties such as adding a suffix (the,buy,etc) or various prefixes (world, street, forums, blog, etc). You can do similar using Excel but I like the lightweight, simple features of Keyword Pad versus using Excel.

Click here to download Keyword Pad

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